Film director from Istanbul. Studied liberal arts and experimental cinema in the United States. Also directed two short films, one of  which was nominated for European Film Academy Awards.

He has been directing commercials, music videos, and short films since 2004.

His short film 'Dust' was screened in over 70 international film festivals including Rotterdam, Tampere, Krakow, Edinburgh, Oslo, Istanbul, and Antalya Golden Orange, and received 11 awards. 'Dust' was also nominated for the European Film Academy awards in 2005.

He has been developing short and feature films since then and is currently working for his first feature.




Film / Tv / Fiction

Management: Persona
Contact: Sermin Ekinci
               +90 (212) 292 89 57


Representation: Norr
Contact: Özge Göksel
               +90 212 280 18 11

Personal / Music videos