Nerdesin? (Where are you?) 2012

Originally commissioned by ifistanbul for the "For your own good" selection in 2010. I kind of finished it two and a half years later.

This film portrays dark and silent material. Please watch in a dark environment with an appropriate sound system. The picture may include sudden bursts of light and flashes that may require caution for photo-sensitive epileptic conditions.

Camera: Florent Herry
Sound: Burak Topalakçi


Toz (Dust) 2005

Toz (Dust) was released in 2005. It received 13 international and national awards and was screened in over 75 international festivals. It was nominated for the European Film Academy (EFA) Awards in 2005 and was screened in festivals such as Rotterdam, Tampere, Cracow, Hamburg, Edinburgh, Sao Paolo, Cork etc... It's television rights were sold in 4 countries. The short was shot in 16mm and released in 35mm print. This HD release was remastered from original hdcam telecine tapes at Imaj studios. 

The International Jury of the 45th Cracow Film Festival headed by Andrea Arnold said: " ...An intriguing and enigmatic look into the world of a young couple in the contemporary world. " 

The Fipresci jury awarded the film saying: " The film is very artistic, full of poetry and invention about everyday life. "

The International jury at the Ludwigsburg European Short Film Biennale awarded Toz a special mention: " Toz focuses on a space which becomes a prison for the souls of the characters. They struggle to recognize themselves and so remain invisible in front of the camera. And in the end the viewers experience a feeling of quiet mourning which has a lasting effect even after the film has finished. " 

Cast: Tatjiana Mul & Güçlü Yalçiner
Director & Screenwriter: Fatih Kizilgök
Director of Photography: Robbie Ryan
Production Designer: Zafer Kanyilmaz
Sound: Çagdas Karagöz & Inanç Sanver
Wardrobe: Mehtap Tunay